Current Developments

Hi everyone,

Just a short blog to check in regarding my current work. It has been a very busy week with work focussing on three new and exciting projects. Last week I was very lucky to play in a live-streamed event in Leeds with Breaching Me. The performance will be available to view within the next few weeks and will be available on my website and social media pages. It was a great pleasure to be able to play this event. 

In my solo work, it is getting close to the time where I can share with you the exciting new project that is going to be available during the summer. I look forward to sharing this with you on Wednesday's blog. It has been 4 months in the making so far and I am looking forward to being able to release the work.

Finally, my new single instrumental release, Passion, will be available on Friday from 5pm for free on my BandCamp profile for every subscriber to my blog and website! Next week will continue to be full of new developments with a surprise coming at the end of the week.

Until then best wishes,