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Performing with Lauren Bradford in 2016.

Performing with Lauren Bradford in 2016.

This page is dedicated to the incredible artists, musicians, and bands that I have had the privilege to work, play, write, and record with. Each of these artists have aided my professional development and influenced the sound that I have today. As my portfolio of work develops, so will this page so come back to see it grow!

I would like to thank all of these incredible talents for choosing to work with me.


Bands/Groups: Lauren Bradford, A Meaningful Silence, Mordrake, The Sally Brinkworth Band, The Jim Blackmann Band, Salvi Blues, Giovanni L'immigrato, Hands, Revolverlites, Cool Hand, Call To Arms, TenderClaw

Vocalists/Songwriters: Lauren Bradford, Guillem Mitchel, Signe Håland, Rachel Bedford, Sally Brinkworth, Natali Shaked, Harriet Rock, Natasha Thomson, Curtis Duncan, Jim Blackmann, Fran Minney, Agnė Bergelytė, Matthew McCracken, Rob Watson

Guitarists: Alex Rowland, Isaac Ehdieb, Fabio Salvi, Jonny Turner, Chris Kerfoot, Ryan Linford, Luke Deacon, Matthew Richards, Andrew Norton, Aaron Hoey, Jonny Adams, Tom Wiseman 

Bass Guitarists: Kevin Buckland, Russ Sargent 

Banjo: Jon Chouler

Strings: Ben Mowet, Joska Hegedus

Trumpet: Joe Hamlen

Drums and Percussion: Matthew Jones, Tristan Verhagen, Brenden Hockey, Fraz Whatley, Bushun Dyal

Studio Producers/Engineers: Jeff Spencer, Nathan Long, Jim Barr, Francis Edwards

Visual Artists: Michael Brumby, Daniel King, Teylor Prestie, Sam Morgan,